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Finished Cataloging My Nintendo Power Collection

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Though I'm still missing quite a few issues and will end u having to buy another storage box, after all these years I have finally and properly cataloged my Nintendo Power magazines using magazine bags and cardboard backing. I also made some index cards to separate them by year as well.


Eventually I'll have the rest of the issues that I'm missing.


004 Jan/Feb

005 Mar/Apr

007 July/Aug

008 Sept/Oct

009 Nov/Dec


010 Jan/Feb

011 Mar/Apr

012 May/June

013 SG1/NP13

014 July/Aug

015 SG2/NP15

016 Sept/Oct

018 Nov/Dec


031 December


044 January

045 February

046 March

047 April

048 May

050 July

051 August

053 October

054 November

055 December


074 July

076 September

077 October

078 November

079 December


All of these and I'm currently bidding on them on eBay.

Wow... when I lay it out that way it looks like I'm missing a lot more than I thought. I've found that even if I'm only missing a few from a certain year it's cheaper to buy the full year rather than the individual issues. Including shipping the most expensive issue I bought was about $20. And the usually you can find full years for only around $6 + $7 or so for media mail shipping.

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