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Gonna have to give it an 8. Great game but it's certainly not the best Mario game ever made. It also wasn't able to hold my attention long. Also it was a lot harder to get into than something like Mario World or Mario 64 that grab your attention immediately.

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Guest panpizza15

My main complaint is the music. Other mario games have upbeat, chearfull music. I'm not used to having epic sounding music. Also, I wish the ghost house had more stuff to explore like classic Super Mario 64's ghost house.

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  • Retromags Curator

I found that getting all the Purple coins on the Luigi-shaped platform was insanely hard. IT took me over 80 tries to get. Some levels were easy peasy, and some were very hard.

I also found New Super Mario Bros for the DS was way too easy.

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I gave it a 9.

- Great graphics (who needs a x360 or PS3 with superior graphics when you can have mario on the wii?:P)

- Fluid controlls: just like Mario 64, the controls are spot-on

- Superb sound: it has some great tunes and sound effects, but sometimes it gets annoying (though i doubt you will get annoyed when you play only 2hours or so in a row).

- Creativity: great platformdesign

I didnt gave it a 10 because i think SuperMarioBros3 is the best Mariogame so i cant give this a perfect 10:p

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I would give it somewhere between 8.5 and 9.5. I know it isn't an exact score, but I think it is a valid range depending on how someone plays the game.

The camera can not only be bad sometimes but down right deadly. If you have ever played the (I believe it was the second secret level) level with the moving floor and Cookie Cutter Shapes cut out you should know what I mean. If you move the camera around to try and keep moving in the proper direction it will actually cut off the floor in a way that you can't see the upcoming shape to jump over.

If you like to run and do the flying jump you will end up killing yourself again because the camera will take a wild turn depending on what objects you jump past (if you take your time and just run / regular jump to get places you may never even see this problem)

No one out there can say with a straight face that the stupid "storytelling hour" didn't get boring after a while. There are many ways that story could have been told better.

On the bright side, the whole rescue Luigi and take turns getting specials stars with him thing was a great idea. At least Luigi had a legit part in the story this time. (I am not counting the awesome, play as Luigi full time bonus for a perfect game).

Sometimes the Bee Suit would not respond properly, no matter what you do.

That being said I think no game has yet to be a Perfect 10 as the definition would say you couldn't do better and yet each year something better comes out. WIth the above issues, along with some lesser ones, SMG is an awesome game and worth a play through for any gamer.

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