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Favorite Music


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I like rap music : Cypress Hill, The PSycho Realm... and I recently discovered The Beastie Boys. Hello Nasty is a masterpiece !

I also like metal music, especially Deftones, Dream Theater or Burzum.

I finally like many others artists : Massive Attack, Nas, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, and Game musics of course !

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I am a lover of many types of music. And I had an epiphany the other day: I've said for the longest time that I hate country music. But I realized that I don't really hate all country, but only "popular" country that gets radio play. And in fact, I must admit that I really stinking love bluegrass and folk. :)

Anyway, now that that's out in the open... My favorite bands (no longer country-related) are Radiohead, The Decemberists, Matt Pond PA, Iron & Wine (SUCH beautiful guitar playing), and "the Sea & Cake" (not to be confused with "Cake").

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I'm all over the place. I think a list would be the easiest way to do this:


Barenaked Ladies

Cowboy Junkies

the Decemberists



the Beatles

the Who

the Doors

Led Zeppelin

the Kinks

Super Tramp

Depeche Mode

Dead Can Dance

Edie Reader


Chemical Brothers

Moxy Fruvous

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci




etc. etc. etc.

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Joan Jett

Pat Benetar

Fall Out Boy

The Phenomenauts


Puffy Amiyumi

The Pillows


Linkin Park

Idina Menzel

The Ramones

Billy Idol

Danny Elfman (my fave film composer)

Wicked Original Broadway Cast


RENT Soundtrack to the Motion Picture

Hairspray OBC

Hairspray Soundtrack to the Motion Picture

Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack

Rocky Horror Show (Original London, Original Roxy, New Broadway)

Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show

and a host of others artists, albums, and particular songs from the '80s, '90s and today.

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Mostly Rock like Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys. J-Rock is awesome, the pillows, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Gackt. Ive been listening to some indie as well like Eisley (one of my favorite bands), Of Montreal, and Mates of State

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I like many kind of music inclued :

Japan Music

French Variety+Some Rap in French (and yes...)

80's A.C. Music.

Polka,Schlager,Spanish Polka,... (hahaha sure).

And a lot.

That's all very international.

I've heard that there is some pretty good French rap out there. Any recommendations?

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