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Nintendo Power (older Versions)

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Taking on the error checking of the Nintendo Powers has made me realize that they need a lot more work then I originally thought. So I know it must be confusing as hell for someone to see that there are 130+ Nintendo Powers Released (probably not seeded) on Mininova, but then to come here and not find them.

So now that we are moved over to our new Host, and we have ample storage. I am going to upload those old Nintendo Power releases into the Download section. These aren't exact matches of what you may have downloaded in the past from Mininova, Newsgroups or here is the explanation.....

v1) Version 1 Nintendo Power magazines are what you may already have on your hard drive if you downloaded them from Mininova, Newsgroups, P2P or DC++. These are just the magazines and have not been checked for errors and have not been organized or standardized. These also don't have that great "Thank You" page at the end of the magazine that lets people know where the release came from. These issues may also be missing covers and/or posters. These files will no longer be provided.

v1.1) Version 1.1 These are almost the same releases as above, but they have been un-rar'd and re-rar'd. They also have had the "Thank You" page inserted at the end. These files also have had any missing covers/posters inserted. All Version 1.1 Nintendo Powers can be found here!

v2) Version 2 These are Nintendo Powers that I have checked against physical copies and done the following....

* Cover Accounted For?

* Poster Accounted For?

* Supplement Accounted For?

* Comic Accounted For?

* All Pages In Correct Order?

* Pages In A Folder?

* Standardize Naming Of JPG's

* Poster Joined?

* Page Numbers Match Up to JPG Numbers?

* Player Poll Removed? (if not a page number)

* Removed Address Label On Cover?

* .NFO Present?

* Thank You Page Present?

Once a Version 2 is made the corresponding Version 1.1 will be deleted. All Version 2's can be found here!

Any questions feel free to ask :)

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