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Ahhh I've Been Sucked Into Oblivion.


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I bought Oblivion back when I got my 360 and played it for about 70 hours then just stopped playing it. I don't remember why I know it had something to do with other games that came out. But I got bored the other day and started playing from where I left off. But now... all I can think about is playing this game. I can't believe how fun this game is it's so amazing.

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I know what you mean, although for me it's a completely different game.

I just received my copies of Geometry Wars Galaxies for both Wii and DS 2 days ago, and I can't stop playing them.

A couple of years back I actually bought PGR2, just so I could play the original Geometry Wars. Never even touched the racing game for more than 15 minutes. (prefer the DC Metropolis Street Racer for some reason)

Loved the game back then, but since I don't have a 360 I never got to play the sequel much. Only occasionally at a friends house.

So I immediately picked up the new games and I'm just astounded at how much content is packed into these 2 budget releases!

So many levels, the new geom (or whatever it's called) point system changes the gameplay so much.

Instead of simply running away from the enemies while blasting them, I find myself charging forward into packs of them, just so I can collect as many geoms as possible, which makes it even more tense and adrenaline fulled than it used to be. :grin:

What I also love are the multiplayer modes.

I've only been able to play it on the DS so far with my best buddy at work, so I can only imagine how much fun it'll be on the big screen.

Something that also amazed me are the controls.

I started with the motion controls, which were a bit hard at first. So I tried the classic controller setup after half an hour or so, but to my surprise I didn't like to play it that way anymore.

So I went back to the IR setup and continued playing till I simply wasn't thinking about what I needed to do and where I needed to point.

It all just came naturally as I was sucked into the game.

I wish more companies would create more 8-bit style games like this. They just seem to fit my perfectly.

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Yeah ... but I think I need a new disc. The game is constantly crashing on me. Even more than it used to. I guess my wife took it out of the system and didn't put it back in the case and it fell and got scratched. There was this point in the game where I would have to talk to this Mage in a dungeon and every time I'd talk to her the game would freeze. So I killed her and just kept going through the dungeon. Thankfully I didn't really need to even talk to her to finish the quest.

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