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Need Help On Issue 99

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I screwed up last night.....I debinded an issue of EGM that I thought I had made a cheat sheet for. Anyways some of the pages got out of order and now I have no way of knowing how the issue went together, unless I either buy another copy or someone on Retromags can tell me the order of the pages.....Basically I need a list of the pages without numbers on either side....The way I do it is to write down something obvious about each page without a number.....So....

If pages 3 and 4 dont have page numbers.....I take Page 3 and write down something memorable about it ....

Page 3 = Tekken 3 Ad

If it isnt an advertisement, I try to find something unique to that page.....usually words or a picture....

Page 7 = Skull

Page 9 = "Win Big"

Page 13 = Cheat for SMB3

If anyone can create me a cheat sheet for issue 99 of EGM that would be fantastic.....Its 97% scanned but I need this info to scan the remainder.


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Ian Livingstone's Deathtrap Dungeon: 3

NHL Breakaway 98: 7

Disgusting arm injury ;) Sega baseball game: 11

Sega Netlink Nuke explosion: 13

This Month/Next wave: 15

Diver (blue/black): 17

MDK: 25

Starfox/Libido: 27

Tiger Uses the force: 31

coming soon Nintendo 64">N64/Saturn.Playstation list: 35

Belly dancer with sword ;): 39

Auto Destruct/Alundra: 47

arm+dogtags ONE: 53

Albert Odyssey: 59

give it to him/ pink donought : 67

Clayfighter 63 1/3: 69

Aerofighters assault: 73

oddworld abe's oddysee: 81

Big teeth 1: flared nostrils to smell fear: 87

Big teath 2: all controlled by a brain... : 89

silhouette of dead guy on pavement/maximum force: 93

Marina's Pest controll/mischief makers: 99

GEX/ gekko arm surgery: 101

Time crisis: gun: 103

time crisis: little boy with box: 105

Wayne gretzky's 3D Hockey 98: 109

Red/black nuke/ ONLY 10% of...: 111

bug riders/ troll on flying bug: 117

tank/ mass destruction SHOOT: 121

F1 pole position 64...this october: 127

green crocodile/ brown fuzzy thing/ you see a new adventure hero: 133

2 green things (frog?)/your enemies: 134

Croc/ see a new set of luggage: 135

This was a strange foldout add, so the numbers don't match as they should as the add folds out the wrong way for some reason...

NFL gameday 98/$10 off: 137

purple page/ASCII: 145

dynasty warriors/ Shu who?!: 153

anime girls with big breasts ;p/ Cowcaizer: 161

do the hero thing/ hercules: 163


black/red page YOU'RE NEXT/ sideways printed: 169

Naki gun shooting tv with blood coming out: 175

Face full of rings/ SEGA sonic jam, hard stuff: 182

Major Kusanagi drawing/ Ghost In the Shell/ Playstation magazine add: 189

Next month/ EGM²/ ISSUE100: 202

Pink add page: Japan Videogames on the top: 204

WHite add page with tiny print/Funco mail order on top of the page: 205

Game CAve/ imports software/ lots of screenshots: 207

Shark teeth in glass: 208

Marvel superheroes/ wolverine in front: last page: 210

phew, what a boring job...

I wouldn't want to be in your place Philly if you have to do this for every issue... :dizzy:

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Oh thank you!

Yes I do that for EVERY issue of EGM! One of the reasons I was doing PSM is because only like 6 pages in a PSM are un-numbered. I noticed the weird numbering where the Croc foldout was too....I thought maybe I was missing a page?

I thought I did this issue because I have 2 piles

1) Need Cheat Sheets

2) Done Cheat Sheet

So I took all my #2's home the other day, and started working through them, well I debinded this issue and ended up with 6 missing pages, Now that means that Page 60 is showing up as Scan 54, but then you have to take into effect that the issues cover is NOT page 1, because of that silly dominatrix foldout, The cover is 00A and the inside is 00B. So now you have to figure out how many pages are not scanned.

I usually just do one or two word descriptions, glad you did more :)

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Oh wow, that sounds like a lot of trouble.

I'm glad the magazines I'm working on haven't had any fold out covers or adds or any other confusing stuff.

It would take me a month to get a magazine out if they did. :wink:

Then again, I don't debind them unless it's absolutely necessary. Although that does bring it's own possible problems. But I'm used to them now and I found a couple tricks.

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