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Personal Message Pruning

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In order to keep the forum operating at its best, we often prune inactive accounts. But now we are going to start pruning old personal messages also. There were roughly 47 pages worth of personal messages with 50 messages per page.....which is 2350 personal messages (roughly)

We pruned anything older then 365 days for personal messages......which brought us down to 20 pages at 50 messages per page.....which is 1000 personal messages (roughly)

PM pruning will take place once a year....maybe twice.

Thanks for your understanding! :)


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I lost my meppi blackmail photos :(

Free at last!!!!!!!!! I'm free at last!!!!!!

Don't worry I still have the pictures of Meppi with those female midget amputee's :laughing:

Damn you Philly! Damn you and your gigantic porn collection! :angry:


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