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Racketboy Willing To Lend A Hand!

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Racketboy over at is thinking about lending the missing EGM magazines to Retromags for preservation. He has most of the missing issues that we need to have a complete run of EGM. The only issues he is missing is Issue 2 and Issue 7. I may decide not to take issue 44 and 77 since that was when EGM was doing those massive 300 page issues and it would take me forever to scan. I also already have a bid on eBay for issue 103 and Prophane33 is going to be sending me issue 95..... The break down looks like this now....

Updated as of March 24th 2008!


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You gotta take the 300 pagers. Those fatso's are what made EGM good :)

I am thinking that they shouldn't be hard to find, so that I can debind them and run them through the ADF :)

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I stumbled on this site about 18 hours ago and I have some bad news and good news for you all!!


Up until a yr ago I had EVERY issue from 114 up to the current issue!! The reason I don't anymore is cause I had about 3 yrs worth stolen from me at random spots in my collection(I was getting up towards 9 yrs without missing an issue:( )


What I do still have I am going to share with you all!!

Out of the issues listed as missing I have tonnes the are needed and I am going to scan the lot in my spare time for you all, only issue is I don't really want to de-bind any of them so tips on scanning them to satisfaction with out de-binding them will be greatly appreciated!

The missing issues I can supply are 114 (Have to see how it scans as it is SLIGHTLY water damaged, Everything else is in mint condition)

120, 121 and 122

133 - 149 + every issue in-between

151 - 161 + every issue in-between

Once this site gets up to issues 187 and up as the newest that are accepted I will be able to keep the newest issues perfectly up to date as I have none missing after this point and I purchase the magazine religiously every month still!! (I have been doing this for nearly 10 yrs now)

In total thats another 32 issues that I can personally add to the collection as of right now

With some awesome sequential runs!!

1999, 2001 and 2002 sets will be complete!!

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