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I never actually got into the whole podcast thing until I started scanning magazines.

As it turned out, these can be a lifesaver when having to sit through a couple of hours of scanning pages before you can edit them.

First of is the Retronauts Podcast from the people over at 1Up.

Even though I disagree with quite a few of their points it's a pretty good podcast.

Although episode 2 was a bit embarrassing (Nintendo 64">N64 VS PS3 themed) when they seemed to have trouble naming more then 5 great Nintendo 64">N64 games.... :ermm:

Overall they do seem to know their stuff very well.

The second one is the RetroforceGO! podcast from the Destructoid site.

I have only listened the shmup episode, which is nr.32 and they seem to have a not quite as much know how, especially about the very obscure Japanese only games. Which is something that interests me the most.

Still, the people on the podcast have a great chemistry and their love for classic games easily puts this one at the top.

If anyone knows other retrogaming podcasts which are as good or hopefully better than these, please share them. :)

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Hmm off the top of my head quickly

Mario 64

Golden Eye

Mario Kart 64

Wave Race



What was soo hard about that

That what I mean.

It went something like this:

Mario 64: good at the time, especially since it was basically the only game worth playing.

Mario Kart 64: Pretty good but the cool guys at college didn't want to play anything like it.

Golden Eye: This did get playtime at college, pretty much all that's mentioned.

Wave Race: not even mentioned.

LOZ OOT: cool

LOZ MM: Not even mentioned FFS.

Some other "interesting" things that were said.

Hey You Pickachu controlled just as well as most Nintendo 64">N64 games.... :huh:

Rocket Robot On Wheels was one of the 2 good games on the Nintendo 64">N64 says one guy...

Tertrisphere was weird, but had good techno music.

So yeah, looking back at the podcast, this one sucked incredibly hard.

I mean common, how can you not remember Waverace64? One of the best racing games even today.

Majora's Mask, probably the most unique Zelda game ever. So very special.

Goldeneye, till this day still my favourite FPS, along with Half-Life 1 deathmatch.

1080° Snowboarding, along with Saturn's Steep Slope Sliders, my favourite snowboard game.

Blast Corps, Been playing my new Japanese copy this week, still love it to bits. Nothing else like it.

Diddy Kong Racing, StarFox64, F-Zero X, Banjo Kazooie, Tetrisphere, Conker, Mario Golf and Tennis, Jet Force Gemini, Perfect Dark, Paper Mario, all triple A games in my book.

Not to mention, Bangaio and Sin & Punishment as import games.

I don't get how anyone can say they only released 1 good game every year.

Sure, there were severe droughts, but there was always something very special on the horizon. And when looking back today, most of these games hold up extremely well or are even better than the sequels that followed.

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See thats why if you want reviews of Nintendo 64">N64 games, dont trust the reviews from these days, go back to the magazines that covered those games as they came out. If you try to review games that have been out for years.....your views are going to be influenced by newer games and the hype that was around those games.

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So very true.

I don't know what going on with reviewers these days, I really don't.

Not just in reviewing Virtual console games, but reviews in general.

Since I choose to only go for a Wii and a DS for this generation, it's only naturally that reviews for these systems are the first that pop into my mind.

Lately I've simply stopped reading reviews since so many of them simply get it wrong.

Talking about how certain Wii games are uncontrollable and such, while when I uy the game myself I can't seem to find what they were talking about.

For instance, when a game like Excite Truck can score 6/10 on several sites you just know somethings amiss. Same goes for SSX Blur. Terrible controls etc. bah.

It seems like many professional reviewers are unable to adapt to new ways of controlling these games.

This makes me wonder what these same people were like when they picked up a controller for the first time to play Super Mario Bros.

Would they have whined about the controls being crap as well, even though it was only a case of them simply having to take the time to learn how to actually control the game?

it feels like when they pick up a game they somehow expect to e able to master it within minutes since they have been playing games longer than anyone else...or so they think.

Perhaps it's partly arrogance or simply stupidity. Fanboyism or impatience, who shall say?

What I noticed as well about reviewers and people who like to call themselves "hardcore gamers", is how they love to tear down classic games as being overrated. Somehow trying to put themselves above it to reach some new kind of "uber hardcoreness" or something. :tongue:

Glad we didn't have all this kind of nonsense in the past. This is probably why I love these classic magazines so much.

They weren't trying to be hip or cool. Most of the people writing them were simply gamers who loved to play games and not trying to preach their own philosophy about them to others.

Oh well, they can't take away the past from us I guess. :happy:

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