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What Video Game Did You Last Play.


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I would have said I was rotating between Wii Fit and Soul Calibur 4 but when the above poster mentioned Earthworm Jim 2 I got a retro flashback and now have to play all the way through Little Nemo :P Thanks to the above poster.

Im glad i helped someone to go a little bit retro :P , ofcourse dont waste your time with retro games like: superman 64, Home Improvement(SNes), Pit Fight(SNES), Time cop(SNES), Bubsy 3D(PSX), ET: The Extra Terrestrial (2600).....well you know what im writing about.... :lol:

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I'm trying to squeeze in an hour or so a day of WipEout XL on the Saturn before I go to work.

My vacation was over so quickly that I didn't make the most of it....

Already filled in my next vacation slips. One for 11 days in november and another for 3 full weeks around Christmas/New Year. :D

Oh and I can't go to sleep without doing at least one puzzle of Picross DS on Free Mode and 20x20.

Only one more puzzle to go on level 8 and then I think I only have level 9 and 10 to go along with a secret level if I'm not mistaken.

By then I should have my Japanese copy and can start all over again. :)

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Sigh... F-Zero GX...

My GameCube controller had bite marks in it because of that game, and now there's a dent in the wall...

Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. Just plowed through leveling up in the first palace (5-5-6), and getting the Hammer (5-6-6 now).

"No, his name is Error"


"His name..."


"It's Error"

"Is it a problem with the cart?"

"No, his name is Error"

"What? The game had a problem in loading his name"

"No, they meant it to say that!"

"But that's stupid"

"Yes, but it wasn't an actual error"

"But you said that was his name"

"Just piss off, OK??!?"

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The Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap

Great game! :)

Yeah, brilliant game, although I got lost at the beginning when I first played it but I came back to it and it was amazing.

Have you played any of the Oracle games? Oracle of Ages vies for the best Zelda game ever in my opinion.

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Super Mario Bros 2.

Whoever says its terrible is terrible. At least its a better Mario game than this


Which is actually an alright game.

You really don't like New Super Mario Brothers?! That's what I am currently playing and I am really enjoying it. I've also gone back and played Diablo II since I never got around to it the first time. I recommend both games. Oh, and I will agree with Spongeman on the quality of Mario 2. I find that a lot of people who bag on SM 2 are actually criticizing the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 which we got later in the US as the Lost Levels.

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