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Magzines From England


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Why the hell are their magazines so much better than ours here in the US? Every magazine they have has more pages, more color, and the pages are bigger too. WTH is this crap? They got sweet reads like EDGE, GamesTM, Retro Gamer, plus all the official and non official Sony MS Nintendo magazines. As far as EDGE goes, man those reviewers must have some huge balls because they are absolutely brutal sometime. Definitely the #1 place for reviews IMO.

What do we get?

-We got EGM which just seems like its trying its best to commit suicide.

-Gamepro is just written for 5 year olds.

-The official mags are full of childish butt kissing.

-Game Informer isn't so bad but they're reviews are just way too friendly.

-Play is pretty sweet but their reviews seem too soft also.

I miss the classics like Next Generation, Gamefan, and Gamer's Republic. What does everyone else think bout this? Are kids nowadays just too spoiled by this new fangled internet thing... :rolleyes:

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PC Gamer UK and Edge are my two favourite magazines. A lot of the writers of the former write stuff online too, so I follow their work wherever I come across it. I was hoping there'd be scans of those mags here but it seems y'all are yanks ;)

There was another magazine that wasn't necessarily a quality mag, Nintendo Magazine System, the official magazine, which I grew up reading so I my fond memories of gaming are accompanied by issues of that mag. I did get one issue of that from google but otherwise it seems that too is not very popular.

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I've always figured it was because you can have a gaming mag in England with a lot less circulation than you can in the states. Thus if you put together a 200+ page a month mag and get 2,000 readers in England you're probably making money or breaking even. While in the states 2,000 readers a month for a 200+ page mag would get it reduced to 100-less pages or canceled altogether. Smaller population/country/ and distribution chain means less costs involved. That's why game mags are still alive and well in Jolly ol' England but an endangered species in the states.

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