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The Ripple Effect......

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Thats the ripple.....lets start at where it began!

Once I aquired the first issue of EGM ....I got together with Meppi and asked if he would be able to edit it up. After he agreed ...I contacted Gnomes Lair and Racketboy for backup on the news story....Both of their sites pull more traffic then mine (check So after we got the issue all fixed up....Gnome and Racketboy both posted up the news story and we tried for a Digg effect. The story between both of there sites got me about a 150 user increase over the past 2 days....which brought me up to about 500 unique visitors per day. The Digg unfortunately did not make as big of a splash as we had hoped.

A few days went by and I started to think that most people thought nothing special of this release. Then yesterday at roughly 2pm I noticed a huge surge of traffic.....was the Digg taking off? Nope.....apparently a website named had posted up the story! That story brought us 7200 people to this site yesterday! Just so you know I only get about 5500 people visiting this site in 30 days! That story brought a huge amount of people to the Retromags name.....and that brings me to the ripple effect.....Today we have had 1700 visitors to Retromags.....which is fantastic! I do expect the number to drop over the next few days....but this is to be expected.

Think for a second that if 7200 people visited Retromags yesterday.....How many people went to Gnomes site first....but didn't come here? Or how many people just saw the Retromags name on the front of Kotaku's website? Now how many of those people run there own websites, or visit other gaming forums? This is where it gets interesting! Here is a list of other websites now referring people to Retromags.....

Now in addition to being seen on the front of Kotaku......Many sites are carbon copying the story! Go to Google and search "Egm issue 1" and look at the results!

Not done yet....Now search for "EGM first issue"

Now search "EGM issue 001"

I am sure there are many more....let me know if you stumble across any of them.....Racketboy informed me of this one....

Oh and I almost forgot, Obviously we reached probably 10,000-15,000 people.....Many of them Downloaded that first Issue of EGM. Now we can expect that most of those people will share that magazine with friends...or put it in there Kazaa or DC++ folder and share it. Hopefully all of that brings us more traffic also.....and hopefully some more energetic scanners and editors B)

Sit back and enjoy the ripple :D

EDIT: Others found.....

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Glad to see you're enjoying the influx. I'm one of the new guys that came here from LUElinks, and I have a whole mess of old game mags from the mid 90's just sitting under my bed, and with luck, I'll finally be able to put them to good use.

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