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Just thought that I would start a topic to show people the progress I make on scanning and editing!!

I have just finished scanning and editing EGM 120 (10th Anniversary issue)


Thanks to E-Day for creating the NFO and uploading it to the site for me!!

Next I am going to be scanning and editing EGM 121


This is a great issue with articles about Resident Evil games that did and DIDN'T make it to market!!

Look forward to it everyone!!

Thanks to Philly and meppi for his scanning and editing guide (Learnt a lot from the guide mate!!)

Progress on EGM 121 is just the front cover scanned and edited!!

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Ooh, I remember issue 122 very well. Well, actually not so well since it's been almost 10 years since I last read it, but you know what I understand. :)

For me it was probably the last time I felt this way about a system launch.

I love my DS and Wii and very much so, but there's just something about Sega systems that I can't explain.

Something that made me feel right at home with all the pure arcade games, especially on the Saturn and Dreamcast.

How I miss those days...

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EGM 122 is ready for download now as some may have already noticed ;)

I have decided that I am going to scan Issue 119 next!

I would have gone to the next one in order by going to Issue 123, but I feel the need to go to a smaller issue

(EGM 123 is about 260 pages)


I hope you all understand the reason for this and look forward to seeing Issue 119!

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@ES is taking up some of my time at the moment, but as soon as I have some free time I will get to the scanning of Issue 119

This is just a plain matter of priorities for me as @ES is a huge priority for me as I am learning a lot of things to do with programing from working with it!!

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I have really dropped the ball here of late and I apologize to everyone but the simple fact is that @ES has taken up a tonne of my time!!

I am now more lost then ever as to what I should start scanning, so if anyone can tell me where I should go for a list of some description I would love to refer to it to know where to start again.

I have an ALMOST complete collection from issues 114 - current!!!

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Because all the downloads were taken down because Phillyman got a letter from the hosting company about hosting copyrighted material. So everything was moved to MegaUpload. Jake is the one who redid a lot of the entries in the downloads page.

Are those all the magazines you scanned? I can change the credit for you.

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