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Aquiring Some Magazines

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A buddy of mine from back when I was in high school called me the other day and he said he has a huge box of old video game magazines that he was going to throw out. I told him that I'd come and pick them up so... hopefully he will have some that we need. And these would be old ones because ... well he just got out of prison and I haven't seen him since high school. Anyway the good news is we may have some quality issues. I'll let you know after I pick them up if there is anything in there that we need.

Oh and sorry for being away for so long I've been in an out over the past few months just too many obligations that I have had to take care of.

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Prison? What the heck did he do to end up there?

Well he was in prison for trying to break out of jail like a dumb butt. I don't remember what he went to jail for though. Before that he was in Juvie for ... well... something rather awful that I'd rather not mention. Anyway off that subject :rolleyes:

Going through the magazines it was actually mostly Maxim and PC Gamer. There was only a handfull of EGM and one GamePro which none we don't already have aquired so that kinda sucks. But oh well. There was one Expert Gamer but I've never heard of that one before.

Oh well... I really should get to scanning the rest of those Sega Visions anyway.

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