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Favorite/most Played Game?


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whats everones favorite game?

or most played?

my favorite game has to be right now.. GTA4

most played woul dbe rs though

my favorite retro game is mario 3 because every girlfriend i've had likes that game! :) and favorite series ninja gaiden all for nes :)

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My Top 10:

1. Kingdom Hearts

2. Golden Sun

3. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

4. Super Mario 64 DS

5. Harvest Moon DS

6. Rez

7. Dragon Warrior Monsters 2

8. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

9. Final Fantasy IX

10. NiGHTS into Dreams

Most Played: Harvest Moon DS: 425 hours in total, as of so far.

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hmm...top ten...probably most of them would have to be on older platforms.. im goin with:

10. Diddy Kong Racing

9. Super Smash Bros. (series)

8. Goldeneye 007

7. Perfect Dark

6. WOW

5. Halo

4. Crono Trigger

3. Mario Bros. 3

2. Banjo Kazooie

1. Ocarina of Time

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uuf to hard. 10 of them:

1. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time

2. Final Fantasy VII

3. Super mario 64

4. Castlevania Symphony of the Night

5. Chrono Trigger n Chrono Cross

6. Final Fantasy III

7. Super Street fighter II

8. Contra Hard Corps

9. Panzer Dragon II Zwei

10. Shenmue

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There are plenty of topics for favourite game series/systems so I'm gonna answer it with the games I've played the most.

Not necessarily in a certain order, just the ones that come to mind.

Sega Rally:

The original on Sega Saturn.

Got my Saturn a year or so after I got my Playstation on launch day and I got so tired of the brown polly boom at the time.

So I jumped into the Saturn world and got 2 games with my system: Sega Rally and Fighters Megamix.

My first experience was a real let down. I absolutely sucked at both games.

Couldn't keep my car on the road for 5 seconds without crashing into something.

After a good night sleep, and some buyers regret as well as I started to think I might have made a huge mistake buying the system, I gave it another go, and for some reason the game just clicked with me as if someone told me: hey stupid, THIS is the way to play the game. :)

I've loved it ever since and have kept on playing it for over 10 years.

WaveRace 64:

Another of my all-time favourite racing games. Not too many circuits but as far as gameplay goes, simply perfection.

Elevator Action:

First played it in the café I grew up in when it came out on the arcade cabinet.

Then after about 10 years, I found out there was a sequel for it on Japanese Saturn. So that was the game I got a 4-in-1 cart for and started me on my import obsession.

Funny fact is that I didn't just buy the game for Elevator Action Returns, but actually because the shopkeeper told me you could unlock the original arcade game. :D

Which I did when I finally got the game and I have been playing it ever since.

I actually find it much better than EAR....

Mario Kart DS:

A very recent game, but you need to understand that since the game came out me and my best friend used to play every single day at work during our breaks. (about an hour every day, sometimes longer)

So for 2 and a half years we played it almost every single day, and if it hadn't been for the fact that we both moved to different jobs, we would still be doing this right now.

Funny fact: we only played battle mode, and then also only Block Fort, nothing else. :D

Since we can't do this anymore, we now have moved on to online Mario Kart Wii while using Skype to discuss tactics and plan who we want to take revenge at.

That and a whole lot of yelling and cursing at those non-wheel motorbike racers who suck too much to play the game as real men. :P

GoldenEye 007:

For years we used to play the multiplayer mode against each other, such a great game.

Still my favourite FPS. Half-Life is a close nr.2 thanks to online deathmatch.

Not even thinking about the hours, days and months that have been consumed on the single player game...


What do I need to say.

One of the best games ever made.

And on top of that an incredible high-score driven mentality that keeps me coming back year after year after year.


This has become a very (un)healthy obsession in the last year.

How long it lasts depends on how good the handmade "random" puzzles turn out to be, or when Nintendo finally releases Picross 2. ;)

I wanted to stop because I really need to get to bed, but I just remembered one more which Is simply can't skip in this list:

Crazy Taxi:

Love the game to bits.

The minute I played my first round I was hooked and it's without a doubt my most played DreamCast game, which is a pretty impressive feat. in and of itself.

In my best days I was pulling scores of around $64,000 if my memory doesn't play tricks on me.

One of these runs last for close to an hour and a half btw, but like I said, that was during my best years, which have sadly past it seems.

Only thing I play is Original City by Arcade rules with either Gina or Guss. No messing around with the options or anything.

Still remember when the game was only a week or 2 out in Japan, and the guys over at the import shop were bragging that their friends were pulling off scores of more then $100.000 already.

After all these years, I'm still convinced that the only way they pulled that of at the time was by changing the game options, lowering the traffic, upping the time limit, etc.

After my years of dedication I still haven' t cracked $70,000 and they did that in a little over a week. Sure. <_<

What I would love to do is start up a high-score thread over here where we all play by the same rules and try to beat each others score, but I'm afraid no one would be interested again. :(

There are sure to be more game, but I've been typing for over half an hour and I really should get some sleep.

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WWF Wrestlemania Arcade

others worth of mention:


Killing Time

Fallout 2

Zelda 64

Golden Axe Warrior

I can list more because I played dozen of games ;)

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