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Tourist Killed After Urinating On Railway Line!


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Pretty bad way to go if you ask me......having electricity shoot through your rod! :o

Published Date: 22 July 2008


A MAN who was killed at a busy railway station died when he reportedly urinated on the track, police said today.

British Transport Police confirmed the 41-year-old was electrocuted at Vauxhall station in south London at around 5.20pm on July 12.

He walked on to the track from Platform 1, a BTP spokesman said.

According to The Sun, the Polish tourist went to find somewhere discreet to go to the toilet and his urine splashed on to the live rail.

The newspaper said he was a married teacher who was believed to be visiting the UK to improve his English.

A spokesman for London Ambulance Service said a fast response unit and two ambulances were sent to the station but the man died at the scene.

According to Network Rail, more than 60 people are killed on railway lines each year.


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It wouldnt electrocute him if it simply splashed onto the rail. The Electricity would need a constant stream to travel through. A splash does not provide that.

that right .. he wasn't aiming right and piss on rail ... on he didn't know better.. whatever the case.. he could use the rest room.

what a way to die ... I hope I'm in bed with wife when mine time come's ( if you know what I mean )

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If you live in a city with a subway you know that the rails have power and you should stay away from them. The stream doesn't have to be constant for more than a second for it to kill him.

I'm so glad that we don't have 'em in our country. For people here have this really bad habit of doing the same thing.

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