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Who Was The Better Batman?


Who played Batman the best?  

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    • Adam West
    • Michael Keaton
    • Val Kilmer
    • George Clooney
    • Christian Bale

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Just got back from the movies. :)

Just to be sure, I'm not going to write anything that could be a possible spoiler of the film.

First of all, I absolutely loved it.

It starts of quite slow, but then again it's almost double the length of your average feature film.

So the good thing about this is that they have plenty of time to delve deeper into the story and therefor into the characters themselves.

Once it starts though, it never stops. Not that it's all action all the time. It's actually very well paced.

What makes this film stand out so much for me is the Joker.

I saw a couple of short clips and teasers and thought to myself, this could be so good if they play things right.

And they did. Well, that's an understatement.

It's so much more than the hero vs the supervillain.

I quickly found myself rooting for the Joker simply because he's so crazy and yet you get a glimpse into how he turned into the person he is now.

Which makes him all the more human, even though on the surface he seems to be anything but.

There are plenty of laughs to be had as well, but not in the haha, funny way if you know what I mean.

Sometimes it's very dark humor and at others it's just in the way he looks at something, says a certain word or simply caries himself in a certain manner or situation.

I love the character to bits and I'm so happy that I got to see this, yet at the same time it saddens me that we will never ever see him again due to Heith Ledger passing away shortly after filming the movie... :(

I would love to go into more details about the movie, but I won't for obvious reasons.

If you only have half an ounce of interest in Batman movies, you just NEED to go see it.

And even if you don't, the movie stand on it's own.

I loved the original Batman movie all those years ago and thought that Jack Nicholson portrayed the perfect Joker character, but somehow that performance pales to the new one.

The other Batman movies left me kinda cold, Batman Returns was only okay at best for me personally and it all went way down from there.

I liked Batman Begins, but it felt more like an introduction than anything else to me, which probably was the intention.

What's funny though, is that if another friend would call me up right now and ask if I would wanna go see The Dark Knight this evening, I would say yes immediately without thinking twice. :)

The last movie I got that feeling from was Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, which I only saw recently for the first time ever.

And I did already re-watch it with a good friend, and I loved the 3 hour and 27 minutes during film even more the second time around. :)

Oh and thanks to the Dark Knight I voted Christian Bale.

Wasn't so sure about this after only Batman Begins, but after this one it's a lot easier.

I guess I like the darker side in him.

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Michael Keaton all the way! Kilmer sucker, Clooney sucked even more, and Bale sucked the big one. I respect Adam West though.

Whoa, Whoa, WHOA. I just want to do my take on this. BALE, was the worst. Okay I agree, the deep voice is too much but he fits the party REALLY well. Same with Kilmer. Batman Forever is my favourite. Clooney is more like the Kool-Aid guy. Nobody cares what you want to say just get onto what the story is, which sucked anyway so if I wasn't 2 years old I would have left the theater. But I was a kid back then so I liked those jokes but now I just I want go all AVGN on it...

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I'm going to have to say that Bale is the best and "Dark Knight" is the best movie. Keaton is a close 2nd as is Batman (1989). I have to move the '89 version of Batman to the #2 spot because, on a recent, post "Dark Knight" viewing of the '89 version I have decided that the fight choreography and special effects of the '89 version have become dated. The art design & cinematography of the '89 version are unsurpassed, even by Dark Knight -- you've got to hand it to Burton. It hurts me to say it but I also actually prefer Ledger's Joker to Jack Nicholson's, even though Nicholson's performance was practically a formative part of my pre-teen and teen years. Is that kind of messed up?

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