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New Thank You Page


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Very nice indeed.

I am using it on all my latest uploads but slightly modified. See if you can pick what's different :lol:

Yeah, Philly already hinted at that. ;)

I would otherwise not have noticed I think since it's on the bottom half of the page.

Anyway, I'm going to upload a small edited version since I seem to have spelled video game as videogames. :P

Oh and I might change the logo a bit as well. Could be a premonition to something bigger.... :D

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I'm still using your one with the magazine piccies around the outside .... altered slightly to reflect the type of magazine being downloaded :D

That one is nice I must say ......

Yeah, me too. I surprised myself with that one actually. :D

Glad Philly made the comment about putting the images on there.

Those last missing page JPGs are for the occasional magazine scans which are missing a page.

So far we only knew a page was missing if we actually counted the pages ourself, or if the uploader mentioned it in the comments.

This way we can include such a page in anticipation of finding a way of getting the missing page and completing the mag in the future.

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On the missing page, shouldn't Castle have an "e" on the end? ;)

You scared the cra... out of me there. :lol:

Thinking I had misspelled the same page for the 4th time. But that one was actually on purpose, meaning to look like a sentence that was interrupted, therefor the ... ;)

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For ages I've been looking for older games magazines

(mostly NES / SNES era) and I've finally stumbled upon

this site.


Thank you guys so much.

I have here some very old brazillian magazines ready to be

shared and lots that would need some scanning, which is

something I don't have time nor skill to do, but I'd be happy

to lend the magazines to someone living nearby that can

do it.

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You guys are doing some great work here... I cant even imagine how much time and dedication its taken over the years to create a site like this.... And the fact that a lot of it requires not only sacrificing time but also your personal magazines(granted i understand a lot of these mags are bought off of eBay and else where) i mean when i read the FAQ on how you actually put the magazines up on here what with box cutters and the debinding my reaction was "Wow these guys are pretty hardcore" Thanks guys! hope to be an active member for a long time to come!

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