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I am new here and was wondering if anyone on here would be interested in me scanning the issues I have, somewhere around 90 or so of them. I have about 400 game related magazines and have been steadily scanning them (have to redo a bunch because I didn't know that I could change the scanner resolution and it was set low, good enough for me but not for mass consumption). I don't have issue one of Gamefan, I started getting it at issue 3.

Let me know. Also, do the mags have to be in PDF format or can it just be the jpg's or bmp's numbered and zipped up? Any suggestions on a good picture format to use?


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Absolutely! :D

For reference you can always use scanning FAQ:


The magazines don't have to be in PDF format at all. We even prefer them not to be.

Just zip up the folder where the JPGs reside in and rename zip to cbz and you're done.

Just number the pages accordingly and possibly give them a name such as GameFan 045 - 001.jpg or something.

As for naming the CBZ's themselves, I always use something in the line of this:

Official Sega Saturn Magazine 024 - october 1997 (UK)

Super Play 001 - november 1992 (UK)

Club Nintendo Vol.5 Issue 2 - 1993 (UK)

NeoGeo Freak 1996 Vol.7 - july (JAPAN)

For a completely finished issue it is recommended to resize the pages to a width of 1280 or 1440.

I have just started using 1440 myself since it's more friendly to widescreen displays.

If you're keeping the images unedited, be sure to let a bit of extra room for a possible future edit, say leaving them at 1600 pixels wide.

Don't worry about redoing magazines, take your time. I've been redoing issues for the 3-4 time now due to various quality issues that no one else seems to mind. ;)

If you have any further questions, all you gotta do is ask.

Myself or Phillyman will most likely be able to help out. :)

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No problem. I actually just got out of bed. ;)

But Philly's in the US so most of the time one of us is online.

Renaming the zip file to cbz is so that programs such as CDisplay, ComicRack, Comicbooklover and FFView automatically open the magazines since they recognize them as comics instead of just a zip file.

Don't know exactly how that started out, probably just how the first program for this kind of thing was written.

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