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Gears Of War 2

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I was surprised there was no thread for this. This game looks AMAZING! Anyone that has an Xbox 360 has to get this game when it comes out.

I am a HUGE fan of GOW 1 and when I saw this at E3 I went crazy! Next to Fallout 3 this looks like game of the year easily.

It looks like the original game but 10 levels higher


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@prez: I can find it in a lot of stores for a cheap price I am sure you will aswell. By the way isn't Gears of war a classic yet?

I still haven't even played the first. For some reason I'm always years back of current gen. :(

When I was young me too but that was because of my parents they gave me a megadrive when Tekken 3 launched....To give you a idea =p;

On topic: I am not really a huge fan of the first one. It was good but somehow I had to force myself to play through it and it didn't help that the game was quite short. The sequel looks very promising can't wait for a demo :).

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The first game was great, the factory chapter blew me away (the rain and darkness, then the small corridors inside coupled with the creepy sounds, pure genius).

Hope this one also includes a silent, tense chapter but from the looks of it, it'll be more actionpacked.

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Guest Torrents69
I've got it coming, even though I don't have the first one. Heard lots of good things about it, I really just wanted the gun for it.

I'm such a dork.


it's going to be good

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