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I <3 Portal


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Downloaded it yesterday and I had to stop myself from playing any further and finally go to bed at 3.30AM.

Today I started playing again and after an hour or 2 I already completed the game.

There seems to be a lot of hate at the short length of it, which probably is understandable.

But I look at it in a different way. Every game that has the player begging for more content has to be damn good by itself.

I'd much rather have a short but oh so sweet experience like this that the umpteenth generic FPS that offers nothing new except for more pretty graphics.

As some may know, I switched over to a Macbook Pro several months ago so gaming wasn't even on my list.

But I did miss Half-Life a bit so I went and tried out Crossover Games, which is something like a Windows emulator especially for games.

Technical details, Wine development etc. I have no idea how it all fits together.

All I know is that it works.

At first I put most of the graphical options on low as I thought it might not run that smooth and everything.

But today I put them on High and everything runs just as good and looks so much better.

Not really interested in PC games besides Valve games, but with the Half-Life 2 packs and Portal 2 hopefully soon I'll have plenty to keep me busy. ;)

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Portal is the 5th greatest game 4th greatest game EVER. It is AMAZING.

I picked up the Orange Box by recommendation by a friend and wow, I LOVE it. Portal is just amazing. I also beat it in one day but its not that challenging. That was my concern, that it would be challenging but its actually pretty easy and as fun as heck.

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The sequel to portal could start with the hero of the first game getting the message (end song) in video form sent to her.. on her pc or some other message receiving device.. iphone?

That would freak me out, a message received from something you've just destroyed... It could show happy pics and eerie pics of what happened in portal during the song. Or rather, just seeing that end screen text would be good enough.. ending with a smiley : )

The 'voice' talking the whole time totally made the game. I wonder how portal would have done if it was made for genesis with just text instead of hearing that voice.

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