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German Club Nintendo Scans


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First of all, I really love what you're doing here, spending your time and uploading all these mags, good job. :)

So my question: Are you interested in german Club Nintendo scans? I still got like 30+ lying around here, some from the early/mid-nineties and some from the early 2000's (the last issue came out circa 6 years ago) I saw some swedish mags for download, so thats why I'm asking. Anyway, our Club Nintendo is (or was) pretty much like the UK version: Similiar layout, similar artwork and FREE.



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You mean that they look a bit washed out compared to the actual copy?

That's not a problem at all.

You can easily correct that upping the saturation with +20 in Photoshop.

The same thing happens to my own scans.

I created an action in Photoshop which ups the saturation with +20 then resizes to a width of 1440 and then saves the PSD file as a jpg at a quality of 9.

That way I can load up a bunch of cleaned up scans, choose the destination folder and they come out ready to be turned into a cbz in a minute.

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Hehe, well other programs usually offer sort-alike options. ;)

Could it be that you were doing the scan in a room where there was a lot of sunlight coming in?

I have noticed that if I sit in direct sunlight or close to it, my scans tend to be more discolored and sometimes show horizontal rainbow stripes, so they need to be redone.

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This will take some more time, I need to figure this color-thing out.

It might have something to do with your scanners drivers.

I made a mistake where I plugged in my scanner in a different usb port once and XP configured the scanner itself, using it's own drivers.

The result was some kind of rainbow effect.

The only way to undo this was to do a system restore to a previous date before the mistake.

I Installer my Canonscan CD again just to be sure before plugging in my scanner and everything was back to normal.

This probably won't help much, but there's so many variables that could play a part in something like that, so I though I just throw this out there...

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