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Your Top 5 Dreamcast Games


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what were and maybe still your all time best 5 dreamcast games

1) Soul Calibur

2) Crazy Taxi

3) Sonic Adventure

4) Grandia II

5) Skies of Arcadia

Shenmue was kinda fun for the first couple of hours, but I got tired of running around asking about sailors and Quick Timer Events.

I missed out on Resident Evil: Code Veronica until the PS2 version. I wasn't receptive to the series until Resident Evil 4 came out.

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I'd say in no particular order...

Sonic Adventure (okay the camera angles were a bit rubbish)

Sonic Adventure 2

Yu Suzuki Gameworks (which has one of the best conversions of Outrun next to the Sega Ages on the Saturn)


Crazy Taxi

I'm sure there are a few more that I would consider top games, but these were probably the ones I'd play the most.


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sounds great,

My top 5 are:


Dead or Alive 2


Virtua tennis


let me know your thoughts on my selection

Interesting that you chose UFC. I never played it but always wanted to find a copy. Never bothered with the sequels on the PS2 though.

As for my selection

  1. Shenmue
  2. Sonic Adventure
  3. Soul Calibur
  4. Daytona USA
  5. Project Justice

The Dreamcast was a breath of fresh air after a long period of "serious" PC gaming. Too bad the PS2 was overhyped the way it did. Sony outdid Sega with marketing two times in a row. The XBox exclusives made by Sega should have appeared on the Dreamcast. At least a few of those were already being worked on for the DC but upgrading them for the XBox was almost a breeze I reckon.

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-Bangai-O -- Great 2D action game with a quirky style (Treasure rocks)

-Resident Evil: Code Veronica -- This game had it all.

-Jet Grind Radio -- Awesome style/music and originality.

-Sonic Adventure 1 -- My first 3D game.

-Grandia 2 -- While the story is cliched to hell and back, the gameplay more than made up for it. Grandia xtreme kinda took this to heart (dungeon crawler, hence concentrating on the fighting rather than the story).

Well, back to finishing my paper <_<

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