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Your Top 10 N64 Games


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Here are mine:

1-Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time

2-Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

3-Perfect Dark

4-Goldeneye 007

5-Super Mario 64

6-Paper Mario

7-Banjo Kazooie

8-1080 Snowboarding

9-Waverace 64

10-Sin & Punishment

I still have not finished 'Banjo Tooie', 'DK64', 'JFG' or 'Excitebike 64' to see if they deserve to be in the list...

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Hmmm ..... I would say

1. Super Mario 64

2. Mario Kart 64

3. Wave Race 64

4. Pilot Wings 64

5. Banjo Kazooie

6. Goldeneye 64

7. Snow Board Kids

8. Turok

...... are the games I kept going back to time and again and

9. Conkers Bad Fur Day

10. Donkey Kong 64

...... the last two I'd consider without having really played either too much.

I just never got the whole Zelda thing .... dunno why .... but never could get enthused even though I had both in my collection.

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I don't want to post my top 10 games because they would be very similar to everyone else's, but I felt the need to mention a game that would definitely be in there and that nobody else has included:

Jet Force Gemini!!!!!

If you don't have this game for your N64, you really should seek it out because it's quite, quite, fantastic!

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10. Nothing

9. Nothing

8. F-Zero X

7. Paper Mario

6. DK 64

5. Conker Bad Fur Day

4. Banjo Tooie

3. Banjo Kazooie

2. Super Mario 64

1. Zelda: ocarina of Time

The worst is Majora's Mask... ugh... what a downgrade from Ocarina...

All in all, one of the worst systems ever made, to me.

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In no particular order:

- Paper Mario

- Mario 64

- Diddy Kong Racing

- The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time

- Banjo-Kazooie

- Conker Bad Fur Day

- Rogue Squadron

- Goldeneye

- International Superstar Soccer

- Star Fox 64

Some more strong competitors:

- Perfect Dark: could be there, but they screwed up somewhere on the "damn stop

shooting my foot system. Great multiplayer though, despite the cheating bots.

- Mario Party: great game. Unfortunately NES's Track and Field had already taken

a good controller away from me and I would not let this game take another

- Quake64: it looked simply beautifull on the N64, but despite being the best game

ever made, the single player mode sucks and its was the best thing about the N64

version. They've decided to remove the coop mode and only two players could

deathmatch. Avoid this and get a 486, a mouse and a keyboard, download

Quake World and never look back

- Duke Nukem 64: great port of the PC version. You can actually play coop with a


- Hexen: the same as above. Was it so hard? I'm glad the coop trend has found its

way back nowadays

- Jet Force Gemini: I was on a trip and my brother had rented this game. I've seen

him playing for like 5 minutes. It seemed very promissing

- Winback: my brother had rented this with JFG (see above). Once again, the single

player mode seemed so cool. I think this is a very underrated game.

- Ogre Battle 64: the third game rented on the above mentioned batch. I played very

little but seemed nice

- San Francisco Rush: the "rubber-band only when you are the first and you are on

your own when you are the last" AI sucked and took all the fun from the races. But

the low gravity, the crashes, the shortcuts, the possibility on playing with another

person against the CPU and, above all, the hunting for the golden keys held this

game very high on my lists

- Rush 2: the same flaws and qualities mentioned above

- San Francisco Rush 2049: oops, they did it again! The good stuff is all here. And so

does the bad!

- Gauntlet 64: great game when played with one or more friends.

If I remember more games I'll update this

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