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I am writing this to mainly new members- so if that's you read on!

My name's Jay, and I found this site about two months ago. I was searching for the old issues of Nintendo Power, and this site was the best thing I could find on the subject.

There were a few torrents posted, which I downloaded, and I saw this site's name on them. I checked out the site, and it was really cool- and it didn't yet have half the stuff on it now, like an arcade or casino.

When I first contacted phillyman and got an idea of what was what, i was pretty impressed. At first I was even surprised that anyone else was interested in this sort of stuff. The first thing I did was pull out my old box of Nintendo Power">NP's in my basement, and figure out what I could do to help- and with my automatic feeder scanner, I began dropping issues of Nintendo Power">NP on it, sometimes up to 2-3 a day at first. I didn't personally want copies of those issues, but I did it to help out- because other people were doing work on other issues I DID want. This way, I could download thiers, and send them these issues in return.

I don't think there are more than a half dozen people that are working on scanning books and putting them together in a presentable way for the public- and thats a shame.

In the past few days, there have been requests for people to post books, scan books, and supply for download certain things, but I've seen far else people jumping in to help.

You don't have to go crazy like I did and scan all day long- I know people get busy, just like I got a job last month, and I slowed down. But if some of you out there can scan 1 book a month, or more (you don't even have to rip it apart to scan it, just hold it open on the scanner- it goes faster than you think), then you would be taking a lot of burden off people like philly and myself, not to mention zttfan, who scanned a great deal. (If i missed you here, I apologize- im typing this off the top of my head late at nite)... and if you can't do that, click on the donate link to donate a few bucks to help buy some old books to scan- noone's getting rich off your contributions, but instead, its a great way to help supply the books you want to people who are willing and able to scan them and make them pretty for you.

I posted a bulletin 2 weeks ago asking for help renewing my scanner's warranty. 27 People read it, and not surprisingly, Philly was the ONLY person offering me help. If 5 people out there each donate a lousy THREE DOLLARS each, that's half the price of the warranty. I could get my machine fixed up, because its running like crap now. I wouldn't have to watch it like a baby for pages that get caught (and torn up beyond repair, usually before scanning), etc etc. for the next two years, Id have a brand new machine delivered any time i wear one out. Just drop me a message. The link is right on the side of your screen next to my name.

Like i said, helping isn't hard. An hour and you can do a whole magazine, upload it to the ftp, and have it fixed up and looking like a brand new magazine by one of the people editing the books. Three dollars is hardly going to break your bank, but it'd make it much easier to afford the machine i've used to scan at least 1,500 pages for others so far. People supporting the site get far more consideration asking nicely for something over people who sign up and post a list of 'wants' without offering anything back to the community.

That's all I have to say. Go enjoy a few video games, read through the forums and join a conversation or two, try killing another user (not literally, look at the attack system!), and then go donate a few bucks or find something you can scan, make sure noone's scanned it yet, and scan it;) there's plenty of us around that'll help you get started if you need it. Just ask.

Take care


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