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How To Get Started With Newsgroups

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Had a few people ask me about newsgroups and how they work..... well newsgroups are kinda like this forum at Retromags ......Users can post messages and other Users can reply to those messages....Newsgroups can fall into 2 catagories .....Text and Binary

Text Newsgroups are usually for discussions.......Binary newsgroups are for posting files....You can still talk on Binary Newsgroups but as you will learn it gets pretty messy with all the files getting posted....Binary Newsgroups carry everything from books , music, programs, movies, name it

So basically what do you need to get started with Newsgroups

1 . An Subscription to a Newsgroup server.....most ISP's give you access but restrict your downloads to 1-2 gigs per month....So your gonna need a Premium Newsgroup Service.....Expect $15-$40 a month .....but its soooooooo worth it B) ....i have $15 for UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS !

2. A Newsgroup Reader......I like Newsbin is only $30 and has FREE LIFETIME pay once and never have to pay again....this rules and the program is awesome

3. WinRar and WinAce .......your gonna need Archive readers ....most posts on Newsgroups are Rar'd files

4. Par Program.......Whats a Par Program ?? Well basically when a file gets posted to Newsgroups ....sometimes errors can sneak into the post .....A Par Program basically checks the CRC of each file and corrects any mistakes that may have crept into the post....Also Sometimes Not all pieces of the post will propogate thru the servers....PAR files allow you to rebuild parts of the post that you may be missing....SmartPar and QuickPar are both Free Programs and work shouldnt need to use them that much either...Premium Newsgroup Servers usually have a good retention

5. a NFO reader.....most of you should already have one but if not Google for DAMN NFO ....its free ......if not you can read NFO files with Notepad

So why should you use Binary Newsgroups ......well first there are OVER 100,000+ groups to look thru

Anything you could ever want to find can be found on Newsgroups......and while the media is concentrated on P2P and Torrents Newsgroupers slide past there radar

Any Questions about Newsgroups Feel Free to ask .... I am a Professional :P

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