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Help On The Wiki, Download Some Mags

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As with any project, the more hands that are helping....the easier everyone has it. I just uploaded 225 EGM covers to the Retromags Wiki. As such I could use a hand placing those covers in the correct spots. So I am asking for some a reward I will be giving out Premium Memberships for anyone willing to lend a hand.

What is needed

Create a username on the Retromags Wiki

Find the EGM Index

Go into each page of the that has not been created

Click Edit and insert the following code at the top of the page

|title=EGM 001 - may 1989 (USA)
|image=EGM Issue 001.jpg
|date=May 1989
|publisher=Sendai Publications

Change the Title so that the issue number and month/year are correct

Change the image to the correct number (If working on issue would be EGM Issue 078.jpg

Change the issue number to the correct issue number

Change the date to the month/year of the issue you working on

Hit Save Changes and make sure image shows up

Rinse and Repeat

Do 10 for a 1 month Premium Membership, Do 25 for a 3 month Premium Membership

Post in this thread once you have done the following and I will move you over :)

The Reward

1-3 Month Premium Membership (that's 7.5GB per month)

Helpful Links

Link to Wiki

Link to EGM Index

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Dont worry about how much you guys do :)

EGM is only the first one, we will also be importing a ton of GamePro covers, PSM Covers, Xbox Covers, Next Generation Covers, Gamers Republic Covers, and other misc things that will need help on the wiki.

Even after all the covers are imported to the correct spots, we will then be offering memberships to people who help fill in the following

Reviewed Games

Previewed Games

Cheats and Passwords for Games

So by no means will there be a shortage of work to be done, I am trying to give our members who dont have access to a scanner, plenty of ways to earn a upgraded status....while helping the site become better for everyone.

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