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Retro Gamer Issue 31-55 Now Available


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No, not for download.


The second Retro Gamer DVD is now available at Imagine Shop for just £20.

25 classic issues of Retro Gamer on one interactive disc

starting with issue 31 up to issue 55.

Over 2,800 pages of nostalgic retro gaming goodness.

FREE Bonus!! Covers that never made it,

Retro bookazine volume 2 and 50 desktop wallpapers.


For all the people who wished they could get their hands on the magazines, but couldn't afford the international rates, this is your opportunity.

These guys deserve your support!

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This is an excellent magazine, it's a treasure trove of information and you can see the passion they have for games. Unlike the previous Retro Gamer eMag they put out, the entirety of this collection is by Imagine Publishing, which is a massive leap in quality over the original Live Publishing issues.

They cover gaming mags every now and then too, from what I remember, they've done features on C&VG, Maximum and the UK Official Sega Saturn Magazine. I've seen Retromags credited on one of those articles too I think.

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I've seen Retromags credited on one of those articles too I think.

That would be the Sega Saturn Magazine special they did in last years Christmas issue. The beautiful NiGHTS cover with the sparkly snow and glisters glued to it. :)

Damo over at Meanmachinesmag asked me if I could provide him with specific scans from the entire collection of OSSM for the feature he was writing, and I ended up scanning about 700 pages or so between the 37 issues. :lol:

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Yay my name will be in that DVD then. I belive my website was featured in issue 50.

That is a really cool magazine I just wish it was easier to get ahold of here in the US without having to spend an arm and a leg. I've got 3 issues and it cost me more than what that DVD costs.

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Kinda hard reading magazines on the computer isn't it?

Not really. Sure you cant see the page in it's original size all at once on your screen(unless you got a 32 inch or something) but still, isn't that what we are all doing with the magazine scans posted here, reading them on our PC?

I love this magazine myself, got both DVDs and downloaded the seperate PDFs of each issue elsewhere. Lots of fun retro goodness. If I had $120 some buck to blow, I'd definitely get a sub....here's to hoping for another DVD (or for them to start releasing digital editions) by years end.

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I have bought the first and the second DVD of this great emag, unfortunately my kids have ruined the box (not the DVD, phew!) of the first issue :(

I have remade one myself to put it back on my shelf but it doesn't look half as nice. If any of you would happen to have the first emag-load1 of retro gamer, would it be possible to scan the cover for me, so i could print it and place it back in the case? That would be really sweet :)

The one i'm talking about is here: http://www.imagineshop.co.uk/item_show.php?itemID=587

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It's only the pocket of the DVD, there's no content in it. I don't think that someone who had obtained the DVD by less legal ways would have difficulties finding a scan of the pocket, but i don't know those things, so i'm a bit stuck :(

If it's just for avoiding to spread it, would it be possible to send it to me via pm or in a mail?

I've contacted imagine publishing and the only answer was :"sorry but we are out of stock and that item isn't planned to be produced in a near future"... Otherwise, i would have given mine to a workmate and bought it all fresh for me...

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