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Urine The Video Game: Clicking And Dragging To A Healthy Tinkle


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custom_1230926511410_urine.jpg From the makers of Gas Attack, a pinball machine that teaches about flatulence, comes Urine the video game.

Our visit to the touring Grossology show netted me not one, but two video games. Last week/year I pointed out that Grossology had a neat little pinball game designed to teach about gas, though really I didn't learn much.

The other game is called Urine, and while it wasn't as fun to play as Gas Attack, I found it a bit more educational.

In the game you use a trackball and a single button to grab bad things out of the red blood stream a drop them into the yellow urine stream. Four of the objects are bad, urea, potassium, sodium and water; while three are good, sugar, white blood cells and red blood cells. You start with points, but your score goes up when you remove the bad stuff and goes down when you remove the good stuff or let the bad stuff stay in the blood stream.

The game play was a bit simplistic but it actually taught you something about how the body works. It also rewards high scores with the sound of someone emptying their bladder.





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