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Last night just after 8pm, luckly my daughter had not yet been put to bed yet since bed time is at 8:00. I'm sitting watching Mythbusters with my daughter sitting next to me coloring when I hear a fire alarm going off. I thought it was on TV since they were burning things but then realized it was outside of the room. So then I kind of ignored it thought maybe my wife was baking and it may have just been the timer going off to take the cake or whatever out of the oven. But then I hear her moving around and shouts to my daughter "Nadia come get your boots and coat on we are going to have a fire drill like at school", of course not to scare her telling her it's a real fire.

We are actually the first people out in the hallway and then everyone else in the building start to get together outside at the front of the building and realizing that not everyone is out some started knocking on doors to get people out. So we are all standing in the damn cold and talking looking around smelling around but didn't seem to be a fire anywhere.

It took about 20 min for the Fire Dept to get there. Luckly there was no fire because by that time the place could have been already burning nicely.

Last night some butt hole decided it would be funny to pull the fire alarm in my appartment building and run off. Now this is a secured building so it's not like someone just walked in off the street and did this it had to have been someone living there or one of their friends (or possibly a ghost :mellow: )

Just think though... because some dink thought it would be a good idea to do this all these people in their PJs had to evacuate the building until the FD told us it was safe to go back in. Wasted all of our time and the poor Fire Rescue had to all suit up and get over to us. The maitenence guys had to get over their from their house to get the alarm shut off.

I'm sorry I'm still a bit pissed about it but hey if there was a real fire that would have been much worse so I'm at least glad about that.

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That sucks, but I'm glad to hear it wasn't a real fire and your family is safe :)

That used to happen all the time the one year I lived in a dorm at college. It got so bad that people started sleeping in their clothes because at least 2-3 times a week the fire alarm would go off sometime between midnight and 5AM. It was very uncool. Fortunately, I've never had that happen anywhere or any time since then...

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I just wish I had been coming out of my apartment about that time since it's about 20 ft away from my apartment door where the fire alarm that got pulled was. I'm sure someone in the building has to know who did it if it was not a resident.

Man, I hate that. People like that deserve to be beaten in public outside of the building....perhaps while on fire. I take a harsh approach to it because when I was in law school I lived on the 18th floor of a building. At LEAST 3 times a year (normally when it was raining outside) some idiot would pull the fire alarm at 2AM. So I would have to walk down all 18 flights of stairs out into the rain and wait the required 45 minutes (at least) for the FD to clear the building. THEN have to walk up all 18 flights of stairs and try to get some sleep before having to go to class. So I feel your pain.

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Doesn't the police run an investigation on fake fire reports? I remember reading somewhere that it's consider a crime since it may keep the fire department from real fires. Like you said it was probably someone in your building and maybe they have prints, I'm sure most of you will let the police check just to catch the sob.

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