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Get In On The Starcraft Ii Beta

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Just log-in to your account and choose to 'opt-in' on the Starcraft II beta, if you don't have a account, you can create one for free and opt-in after logging in.

Not everyone who opts in will get chosen as the participants are chosen at random from the members that opt-in. has more info on it.

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IMHO, Startcraft is the best RTS ever made. It gets the title in both

single and multiplayer modes. Have you ever watched one of those

Korean matches? Oh boy...

But just like it happened with Quake (QuakeWorld), the best multiplayers

FPS ever released, it is hard to (insert word here for "achieve more",

"be better", etc, sorry for my bad English) the original.

Let just hope all te $$$ generated by WOW can help Blizzard

to achieve what even ID Software has failed to do.

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