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Nintendo Power Is A Big Tease!

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I just want to express my displeasure with Nintendo Power over their recent behavior. I bought the May issue last week because I am looking forward to the New Super Mario Bros game and that issue has some info on the game. Usually at the end of each issue they give a preview of the next issue's cover and content. In the May issue they could not show a cover preview and said that it was going to be "the biggest scoop of the year so far!"

So when I'm reading this I get excited (I'm a sucker for hype) and think to myself: Sweet! Next month is E3! The cover story is going to be about the Revoultion!

I renewed my subscription! I haven't subscribed to Nintendo Power">NP since early 1997 and the last issue I bought was when Ocarina of Time came out.

Then I find out this morning that June's cover story is.....NOT Revolution but..... Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin for DS. How anti-climactic is that! I mean sure it might be a cool game, but did it really warrant all of the secrecy? I guess that it did the trick in that they got more money from me!

I'm not really that disappointed that I subscribed since I'm a huge Nintendo fan (I have never owned a system from Sega, Sony, Microsoft, or anyone else) and I'm loving the DS and excited for the Revolution. I'm just pissed over that TEASE!

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They have always been like that. Those great game reviews for some really crappy games, but hey it's nostalgia and that's good enough for me.

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