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I don't get it.

They recorded Satoru Iwata playing the new Wario Ware DSi game and put it online.

The game uses the camera as you can se here but at the end it'll show you that it didn't just use your silhouette to play the game but actually recorded some images of you playing, which it replays at the end of the stages.

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The video quality is a lot better than I thought it would be. Isn't the game showing just highlights from the gameplay? I read somewhere that it will do that at the end of the stage or something, thus making it seem like Mr. Iwata is having a seizure of sorts.

Yeah it basically takes snapshots while you're playing and plays those in succession when the game is over, like you see at the end of the video.

The image quality is quite good I must say, in the right conditions at least.

Don't take pictures from too far away, which is only logical seeing the resolution and make sure there's enough light as it doesn't have a flash.

Last thing is to make sure you keep perfectly still while taking a shot as the shutter time seems to be a bit long, so images tend to get blurry rather quickly when moving around.

Here's a couple of examples of the quality, which when viewed on a computer screen are quite nice I think:

My first bluray movies, even though I don't have a bluray player yet. :)


A random shot on the highway driving back from the shop. for a moving shot this looks excellent I think.


And my cat, wondering what I'm doing lying on the ground and pointing a red light at him. :D


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Meppi, very cool pics there. I understand you having a few blu ray movies before having a player too. I had several DVD's for about 9 months before I finally bought a DVD player to view them (they were gotten for extremely cheap from ebay so I figured why not).

The shots are very detailed. Isn't the resoulution on one of the cameras like 1.3 megapixels? Not much but still, those pics are extremely detailed for the technology in use. Especially the one with your cat. Usually, having a sun glare like that would wash out most of the picture (at least it has in my experiences).

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Yeah, I just ordered a couple more bluray movies online as well. I wanted to wait until I got to see how much they cost at the shop before ordering movies online that more often than not don't have subtitles.

I always watch English movies without subs, but it's not convenient when having company over that isn't as good as understanding English...

Still, the bluray movies in the local shop, who's known for having very low prices on DVDs and such cost quite a bit more than the ones online.

€50 for the Matrix collection compared to €32 online for instance, so I went ahead and ordered several titles for €12 a piece when the same movies would have cost me €20-28 otherwise.

The camera's are both only 0.3 megapixels, but they still are twice the resolution on the DS screen itself.

And they aren't meant to replace a real camera after all. Just to have fun with and play games with.

They aren't state of the art, but they get the job done and it's a lot easier now to take a couple of pics of the new stuff I pick up when I go shopping. ;)

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Ah, so that's the picture quality. Yeah, it's not so bad, like an average cell phone camera. I guess we should expect better nowadays, but I can never picture myself as the type to use the DSi to take random pictures unless it's for a game feature....

Hmm, DSi game that uses the camera as a feature...

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