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Ways To Help Retromags Out


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Gonna quickly list out someways to help us out with this project :)

1. Donate your Magazines to us to scan.(*)

2. Scan your magazines.(*)

3. Seed our torrents. (after downloading let people download from you)

4. If you have a Gaming/Emulation site ... Mention our project.

5. If you belong to any Gaming/Emulation Forums ...Mention our project.

6. If you have Photoshop skills help us with a logo for our site.

7. Donate a few dollars to us so we can purchase older magazines.

8. If you have Newsgroup access ....Post our files with our website in the subject.(#)

9. If you use Kazaa, Morpheus, WinMX, DC++ ....Place a copy of our Magazine scans in your Shared Folder.

10. If you dont have time to scan entire magazines , Just scan the covers and send them to magazinecovers@gmail.com

(*) If your gonna donate magazines or scan them and send us the jpg's, Please make sure the magazine is in decent condition ...no missing pages or tears bigger then a 1/4 inch ....no folded pages.....we want to release the cleanest possible scans (Contact Us so we know what magazine your scanning before you start)

(#) If you are gonna post to Newsgroups ....please try to keep to this type of format

Nintendo Power Issue 9 (Nov-Dec 1989) - www.retromags.com

Below are my current settings I am using to scan ....if anyone knows of better settings i am willing to try anything



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  • Retromags Curator
I have some Nintendo Power Magazines at my attic. I bought them here in Holland. Are they only released in the US?

I believe there are different versions of Nintendo Power ......I have seen UK versions .....and they look totally different

Not sure how many different ones there are :unsure:

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