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Retromags Proudly Presents: Ahoy! #1

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Special thanks to Waremonger for going the extra mile to release Ahoy! #1 (a personal fave of mine from my childhood and early days with computers). Don't take my word for it, here is Waremonger's thoughts on this issue:

If I remember correctly this was the first magazine I owned that catered solely to Commodore computers - unlike magazines such as Compute!, which covered all computers of the era. At that time I would buy almost any magazine that had any kind of type-in programs because I had just gotten my C64 on Christmas of 1983 and I was very anxious to learn how to program. When this magazine was released the Commodore 64 had just begun to dominate the 8-bit computer market and it's largest competitors at the time were Adam by Coleco and the Atari 800. I remember that the review for Suspended prompted me to buy my first Infocom text adventure and the article "The Computer as a Communications Devices" enlightened me to modems, terminal programs, and the world of BBS's and again prompted me to buy a Commodore Automodem (like the one pictured in the article) and I spent untold hours on BBS's. Looking at the magazine now it probably doesn't seem to compare to the flair and quantity of information found in the average magazine now, but back then this stuff was pretty cutting edge and every little bit of knowledge gained was exciting.


Check it out, one of the great, almost lost to history, mags from computing's past.

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