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1st is GamePro tv 2nd ver.

2nd GameZcape a videogames show that also AIRED on FOXSC year or 2 after 2nd ver. of Gameprotv finishing airing on that channel this part the first look at NINTENDO Gamecube and GBA at 2000 Spaceworld and game demos like Zelda AND Pokemon AND GAMES like Luigi's Mansion ,Shenmue on Dreamcast

gamezcape ep 1 part 1

3 . was a vgm on vhs tape Fuse . just upload

scans of the fuse vhs tape here

happy viewing

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I forgot about posting stuff to youtube as a viable storage option (do they still destroy the resolution of the video?).

You can upload in HQ on YouTube now which helps preserve it a bit more.

Thanks for posting these, I'm gonna give em a watch. I didn't see them when they first aired, surprisingly.

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