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Gamasutra Takes A Big Look At Midways Problems

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I've been watching this saga unfold myself, but don't really feel any emotion as I never liked any Midway games. Back when I first played Mortal Kombat, I felt it was slow, clunky, puerile, vastly inferior to Street Fighter II Turbo, and that the violence was unconvincing and childish. To make things worse, I was nine when that happened (my parents have always been a liberal pair when it comes to me and simulated violence). I'd say the intervening 14 years haven't been kind to the series, and it just seems even more out of place now. I think the only sad thing is that the series is unlikely to die with Midway, it'll just keep going under a new developer, gradually getting worse until it eventually gets cancelled when the last few fans finally get tired of the monotony.

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