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Retromags Proudly Presents Snes Buyer's Guide #1

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nickerous, a new member here has been able to scan, edit and release his first issue with Retromags, and it is a great issue to get started with, SNES Buyer's Guide #1. Inside is packed with mini reviews of many games available for the SNES so if you are interested in SNES games at all, you need to check out this release as it is a wealth of information in one place.

I have been able to work with

nickerous on various points throughout the process of getting this issue out and have been fortunate enough to meet a dedicated member as evidenced in the below statement from Nickerous.

Well, since it was my first release, I thought I'd start with a smaller magazine. This issue was 48 pages, so I figured it wouldn't take that long at all. The actual scanning took about 2 and a half hours. These are thick pages, so no bleed through or anything like that. The magazine was in excellent shape, so I didn't have to straighten corners or smooth folds. Since it wasn't very big, the spine didn't bow up or anything like that. This is my personal magazine, so I didn't want to rip it up.

The editing wasn't bad at all once I knew what I was doing. The only thing that got me was the rotate feature on Gimp. This also had to do with how I scanned the magazine. I learned things towards the end of this issue that will help me center the page more on my scanner with future releases. The worst part about the editing was that I went through and editing the entire magazine while missing a step (the auto White balance). Then I had to go back through and edit everything again.

As for the content, I was a big EGM reader at the time. I had seen most everything in the issue in some form or another. Still, it was nice to have everything in one place. This has nothing to do with this issue, but around the same time, I ripped open a few of my EGMs to put everything Street Fighter 2 in one volume. I regretted that later on. Still, I have since replaced those issues in my collection.

The SNES is my favorite console of all time, so it felt natural for me to start with something dealing with the system. Currently, I have over 250 games for the SNES and a few for the Super Famicom. I also just purchased a Super Famicom system, so I'll be looking to import a few games that were never released in the US. Any suggestions?

Hope you enjoyed the SNES Buyer's Guide #1.


Here are a couple excerpts from the issue to give you a taste of the quality inside:



Get the SNES Buyer's Guide Issue #1 here and when you are done, why not come back and let nickerous know what you think about it!

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It's a shame I trashed most of my classic gaming magazines almost 10 years ago. There were some real gems among them. I think I remember this one. Thanks to the submitter.

One of my all time favorite magazines was an issue of EGM dated Dec. 1994. X-Men Mutant Apocolyse for the SNES was on the cover, and there was a great walkthrough/strategy guide for Final Fantasy III (now VI) for the SNES.

This is one of the best project sites on the net. Great initiative on a needed historical archive of this stuff guys!

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