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Nintendoage E-zine April 2009

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What does $1500 get you nowadays when dealing with prototypes and unreleased games? NintendoAge, a group of fanatics that are working on releasing previously unreleased NES games and producing a monthly E-Zine about gaming in general around the Nintendo have recently released their 18th E-Zine, with Mike Tyson's Intergalactic Power Punch on the cover. This group takes their hobby one step farther, Dain Anderson says it best here,

The ROM dumping projects we host are more or less us buying the "access rights" to the ROM from the prototype's current owner, not the original publisher. It's our way of trying to get all known games available to anyone to play or reproduce and to preserve history. Yeah, legally, it's a bit dicey, but we've yet to have any real problems. We feel like we're doing a good thing, and based on the support we've received, it's apparent a lot of people agree. In fact, a few of the releases were purchased directly from the publisher/developer (ie, Hoppin' Mad and Happy Camper). Many of the games released have never been released in any form...


In the newest issue of Nintendo Age E-Zine, not only is the sequel that almost never was released, Mike Tyson's Intergalactic Power Punch featured, but read the retro-review of Tron, follow Michael Swanson through the steps he took in cataloging his collection and get some tips you might be able to use with your own collection. Follow Justin Klingenmeyer through a hunt in the wild looking for games in the Local Hunting 101 column.

Every issue has a price guide based on the sell values from eBay and is obviously a labor of love for the NES community that shows through the amount of detail contained within.


Get your copy of the PDF version at NintendoAge today!

Get the CBZ resized to 1440 File removed-May 4th 2009


Check out NintendoAge for much more news and information than is contained in the e-zine.

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