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Nintendoage May 2009 E-zine

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What is your definition of a hardcore, dedicated gamer? How about someone that works for 7 months on a game for the first time ever in their lives, learning to program as they went along? Did I mention they did it working on freely available (not officially licensed) software for developing NES games? Think it is impossible? Think the game is going to look or play horribly? Check this out:


That is the cover of the May 2009 issue of the NintendoAge e-zine with Frogger Ultimate Championship on it. It is a newly programmed game for the NES, yes the original Nintendo Entertainment System as programmed by Kevin Hanley (NintendoAge e-zine layout manager).

Check out the cart for it (yes this is going to be a release, actual release that you can buy and play on your NES system). Below is a pic of the actual cart for doubters.


Getting the Most out of the NintendoAge Price Guide - Dan Langevin - Details some of the hard work that goes into making the price guide and how to use it to better your collecting with auction site eBay. Don't miss out on taking advantage of this great price guide as it may save you a few bucks on eBay (prices are averaged from the last 3 months of sales of the titles on eBay and not representative, nor a guarantee that you will get the same price if selling, or pay the same price if buying).

Here are a few excerpts of interest from the price guide:

Some interesting price guide facts:

Highest Priced game: Stadium Events at $1377.00

Biggest Jump in price: Stadium Events at $513.00

Biggest Drop in price: Hot Slots at -$64

Tired of those high eBay fees? Getting sick of handing money over fist to eBay twice (they own paypal people)? Check out this comparative article between eBay and Chase the Chuck Wagon article by Scott Burke, both offer online auctions to members and both accept paypal (but you aren't forced to us PP with CtCW like you are with eBay). Want to guesstimate how much you are losing to eBay in fees alone? If so, check out the handy little chart at the end of the article for an eye opener.


Remember the Nintendo World Championships that Nintendo used to put on? Check out the article, Post NWC Endeavors by Robin Mihara, for some interesting tidbits about the behind the scenes goings on and even learn a little about a possible scandal or two.


Other articles of interest in this issue are, An Exclusive Interview with the Man Behind Ultimate Frogger Champion by Dave F., a spotlight on member Ross Burdge (Burdger) and information on NintendoAge's second ROM dump, Uforce Power Games.

Please visit NintendoAge for your copy today!

Get the CBZ release, resized to 1440 CBZ File removed-May 4th 2009

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