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Ben Heck Releases Book On Making Portables

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Ever wonder how Ben Heck makes those portable SNES's, PSOne's or Atari 2600 systems? Well, now you can recreate them yourself with the release of Hacking Videogame Consoles. Here is a clip from the official site:

» Written in a simple down-to-Earth style that’s easy to understand and won’t overwhelm the reader. Very little technical mumble-jumble (and any mumble-jumble that sneaks in is thoroughly explained)

» Includes complete instructions for 8 different projects (2 versions of each of the 4 systems), plus general-purpose information on hacking the consoles that can be used to create custom projects of your own design.

» Hand-built projects are designed to use basic, common tools such as soldering irons, screwdrivers and X-Acto knives. Advanced projects use CNC machinery as well. The book covers both types so there’s projects for everyone.

» Drawings and practical photographs of the all wiring you’ll have to do - no schematic reading skills required!


If you have Adobe Illustrator you can get additional files from the web page showing you how to do it, make changes or just learn more about the process.

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I've got this book somewhere. I've started a couple portables, but never get very far into them. Maybe one day when I actually have some workspace. Hard to do this on the kitchen table...

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