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I am always looking for other ways to use our scans here at Retromags, the other day I came up with an idea to strip the advertisements out of each magazine and create a browsable database. As you may have noticed, the Nintendo Entertainment System is the first section to go live, but dont worry we have the following sections already created (just hidden for the time)

Atari 7800

Atari Jaguar

Atari Lynx

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo 64


Virtual Boy

Sega Master System

Sega Genesis

Sega Game Gear

Sega CD

Sega Saturn

Sega Dreamcast

Panasonic 3DO

and a few others :)

Doing this will create hundreds if not thousands of additional topics for you guys to have discussions in, so browse around the NES section for the time being and relive some classic ads B)

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Now the Super Nintendo Section is live :)


C'mon into my domain, ladies and gents, and let's talk about the best durn console ever crafted by human hands (that's the Super NES for those of you who hold differences of opinion with me). :)



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Are we allowed to start new topics? I've been looking through some old comic books at my parent's place and there's tons of game ads in them. I'm sure some of them were never in game mags. I want to start scanning em for the site, but don't want to step on any toes!

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