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Crookedmouth's Work In Progress


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I have a very humble amount of retro mags but I'm serious about adding what I have.

Here they are.

Electronic Games:

January 1983 (Completed)

February 1983 (Next)

March 1983 (Completed)

May 1983

January 1984 (Completed)

Electronic Fun with Computers and Games

September 1983 (missing covers, contents page and type-in listing)

Commodore Power/Play

October/November 1985

RUN magazine

May 1985

and assorted other RUNs from late 80's early 90's which I'll list when I compile them.

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Very cool there Crookedmouth, thank you for uploading that issue as it brings us one issue closer to completing that set of Bill's early work (something I am sure he would be very happy to be able to relive if we can accomplish it).

The early 80s were a particularly hard time in my childhood and Bill and Arnie's work were like islands of good amongst the bad. It wasn't written for kids, it wasn't written for just adults it was written for video gamers. I remember each and every one of these issues.

I've been meaning to post in one of Bill's threads thanking him because he and Arnie are two of the heroes of my childhood.

Thanks, crookedmouth. I'm glad to see some more of these be uploaded. You have a good reason to be proud of your editing. The double-page art is nearly seamless most of the time.

Thanks Tony, I work hard on those double pages and a lot of the time it is impossible to blend them. What I am attempting to do is show what the original art looked like. I am particularly proud of the SwordQuest ad which is funny since I think that EarthWorld is one of the worst Atari 2600 games of all time. Worse even then E.T. and Pac-Man. :)

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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to drop in to say I haven't fallen of the face of the Earth and hope to continue scanning and editing soon. I seriously have been way too busy to do anything but handle family/work/school.

This is the issue I have been working on.

The cover is not much to look at but it is a fantastic read as always with Electronic Games.


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