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Best. Haul. Ever.


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What is your best garage sale/thrift store haul ever? It should be related to video games somehow.

I've been doing an article on my blog on 1up (pretty much a waste of time), called the Adventures of the Bin Hunter, which is partially inspired by RF Generation's Treasure Hunt Chronicles (click here for the most recent issue), and completely inspired by the old garage sale articles done in Retrogaming Times.

My personal favorite haul was a moving sale in an apartment building. My dad had given me a tip, and I showed up without a lot of hope (garage sales around here stink). Imagine my surprise to find a kitchen table stacked high with NES games, and a couple handfuls of SNES and N64 games. I was too shocked to count, but the guy assured me there were at least 75 NES games. They were all loose, but they were all good. There were no doubles in sight, and the titles were something not only a collector could appreciate, but also a gamer. The price was $100 for the lot (NES, SNES, and N64), but I payed it without hesitation (I was working for Ford at the time). When I got it home I began the joyous task of cataloging, and I found there were 81 NES games, 23 SNES games, and 10 N64 games. To this day I've yet to find a haul this grand, and with the economy in its current state (especially here in Michigan), I doubt I will even see one again.

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Years ago I found a box of about 50 Atari games for $40. Some doubles but most of the games I didn't have. One other time I found an Odyssey 2 and a bunch of games, forget what I paid but I do recall having to find another AC adapter. Other than that garage sales are always hit or miss. Game or two here and there. It's been years since I went looking as I usually have to work weekends. I also think most people who have games know it's better to sell them on eBay. That's where I find my deals.

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Oh, that's an easy one.

Shortly after I acquired my Super Nintendo, we went to a used bookstore in Indianapolis (which is no longer there, alas). Inside, I discovered a boxed copy of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, complete with map, instructions and cart, for $5. Needless to say...it became mine very fast. :)

Also, I currently work at a used book store that purchases video games and software as well. Last summer, in three separate trips, a guy sold over 200 non-duplicate Sega Genesis games, almost all of which were complete in their boxes and included the instructions, and only about half a dozen of which were sports titles. Needless to say, they ALL went into my collection. :)



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I never got any amazing deals. The price of cartridges has gone up considerably since after the years between 1995 and 2001, not including N64 games. The old systems have gone up as well.

I did have a couple cool finds. The Genesis CDX was a micro Sega Genesis and Sega CD player in one. I picked this up for 30 bucks cad. I thew it away after so much use and abuse.

I bought a Saturn in 1998 for 30 bucks with two controllers.


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I should make a thread about the most bonehead mistakes made. Mine would be not grabbing a CDX for $10 when it was offered. I was working at Funcoland and had just bought some really great Sega CD games for $40 (both lunar games, Dark Wizard, Vay, about five others), when a guy tried to sell back a CDX. When he found out he couldn't (Funco didn't buy them), he just waved it around saying, "$10, come on, only $10."

I think the CDX is the Vectrex of the nineties.

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Hmmmmm. A hard choice to make. Would it be the Congo Bongo Intellivision cart for $1? The 7800 console and 34 2600/7800 carts, including some rarities like Mines of Minos and Tapper, for $45? The Up 'n Down 2600 cart my brother-in-law gave me for free (along with his other 2600 stuff)? The free Asteroids Deluxe coin-op? The free Missile Command coin-op? (Sadly, both since given away or sold.) The TV-less $25 Atari Pong coin-op bought at a thrift store? (Still got that one.) Or the boxes of original Odyssey games, most of which got traded to now-retired dealer Jerry Greiner of Atari2600.com?

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