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Gonna have to check out that RPG article.  I started out with old school DOS RPGs, and although I also played console RPGs on the NES and SNES, it wasn't until the PlayStation that I became enamored with the JRPG.  Over time, however, I began to realize just how limited the JRPG is as a genre and how very little it has evolved over the decades.  They really aren't that far removed from another popular Japanese genre, the visual novel, in that their main priority is telling a story in a mostly linear fashion, with the only difference being that in a JRPG you get to wander around a bit in between the dialogue segments.  I've definitely swung back to the western/PC RPG side of things in recent years as I feel the game design is so much stronger and allows for much more actual role-playing as opposed to simply watching a pre-scripted sequence of events unfold.  And old school RPGs are as fun as they ever were.  I'm currently playing Might and Magic III from 1991 and I'm enjoying it more than any console RPG I've played since Final Fantasy II/IV on the SNES.

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Never really got into RPG's except the ones that blow up tanks in Battlefield 2 

Seriously though, the whole adventure thing was lost on me. I dallied around in Ultima Underworld because they felt somewhat like a slow moving FPS but I admit I did enjoy it. My main calling in the DOS era was flight sims. I sold my fully specced out Amiga 2000 system just so I could get a 386DX to play Chuck Yeager's Air Combat. Probably THE worst mistake I ever made as although I loved the game I miss the Amiga 2000 more nowadays.

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Ah yes, the Amiga.  Superior in every way to DOS computers until the VGA/sound card era finally rolled around, and yet still made hardly a Blip in the US.  So although I'm aware of how most EGA games from the 80s had a superior Amiga version available, I've never actually played any or seen any played, since I never knew a single person who owned one. 

Flight sims were generally too hardcore for my tastes, although Chuck Yeager was one of the more casual-gamer-friendly ones.  I really enjoyed space combat sims like the X-Wing series, but those were of course much simpler to play than a hyper-realistic flight sim.

EDIT: Thank you, RM for automatically capitalizing and hyperlinking a word that happens to also be the title of a magazine.  It feels good to not have any control over what I'm saying and also Areala is the most awesome admin of any forum anywhere and we should all worship her while we have the opportunity.:rolleyes:

Edited by kitsunebi77
Demonstrating true lack of control over what Kitsunebi is saying, and did any of you guys notice my 25,000 likes? Everyone can't help but like me, but don't let that stop you from telling me again how awesome I am! -Areala ;)
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I feel like their covers are getting worse and worse.  This cover design looks super low-budget/generic to me.  Like a fake magazine cover thrown together in a couple of minutes to be used as a prop in the background somewhere.:lol:

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Well, let's see...what can I complain about this time...

I always thought that whole cell-shaded graphics fad was stupid, especially when applied to a game like XIII which is based on a comic that doesn't look anything remotely like the cell-shaded art in the game.  So actual art of Gandalf is an improvement.  Also, the black shadow behind the magazine title is actually visible on the newer cover, while the shadow on the old cover (if it's there) is impossible to see, making the logo look cheap, so the new cover is yet again an improvement.  Also no more tacky powerpoint-looking starburst in the top-right corner, like something on a discount-store flyer.  Hmm...improvement all around.

But wait, what's this?


A History of Computer RPGs from Ultima to Wizardry

"From Ultima to Wizardry?"  What the hell kind of range is that? 

I could see if it was "From Ultima to Morrowind" (or whatever was new at the time this mag came out) if they were suggesting a range based on release dates, but Ultima I and Wizardry I were both released in 1981, so it certainly isn't a chronological range. 

Or maybe if it said "From Arcanum to Wizardry" if they were going for alphabetical range, but Ultima and Wizardry are only separated by one letter, so that's not it either.

Nope, it's just stupid.

Unless of course it's just one part of a multi-part feature spread out over dozens of issues, and this issue just covers those two franchises, with the rest of the history of CRPGs being covered elsewhere, in which case, I apologize.  But I'm betting it's just stupid.

How was that, Kiwi?:)

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I look forward to your website's revival and reinvention as you follow through on your plan to scan and preserve all 50 years' worth of Cat Fancy magazine.;)

Cat Fancy: 1965-2015 R.I.P

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 Hi, Is it okay to still use the direct download (read) part of the website ?  I realize that it was not updated, but I could catch up on older releases. I have the link and it still comes up.


Is there any chance of posting some (media fire?) folder links here to catch up on newer releases ? I did not get the Play 44 release before you went down.


Thank you, Richard

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Yeah, sorry for the slowness getting back to you.

The new site is now but oldgamemags will resolve there as well as soon as things have settled down. As I am scanning diverse content I think OGM doesn't reflect what is now available on the site and if others want to add non-gaming specific titles (electronics/anime etc) I am all for it if they are out of publication and won't attract the ire of the publishers.

Still lots to do over there. I have all the download links back up and running but info on the magazines still need to be added as I find time. Same goes for getting cover scans added to the Gallery but I'd rather get back into scanning mags and do updates to those as I can.

BTW, happy to hear marktrade is okay. Must have been some op to lay him low for a couple of months or more recuperating. Glad he's taking the time to get himself right. This is a hobby first and foremost and everything else should always come first. 

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    • By Phillyman
      Next Generation Issue 020 August 1996
      ETA = June 14/15 2007

    • By kitsunebi77
      I feel kind of dumb starting one of these threads. I doubt there's going to be a lot of overlap with what I scan and other people's collections, so it shouldn't be necessary to make my progress known to anyone.

      However, I figured this would be a good place for me to ask some questions to more experienced members.

      1st: I just uploaded my scan of Famitsu 158 here:!FA5DCYwS!Y1zBRmvWZQPq9AbWrmL9-VMLkWHUpcIAkZWc5MYHoIY and added the download link to the database page. However, I don't see any download link. Is that something someone else has to approve before it shows up? (edit: I accidentally posted a link requiring a key at first. I replaced it with an unrestricted link, but it still doesn't show up on the database page)

      2nd: related to the first, how does one go about posting an uploaded mag in the new releases category? The Famitsu database is 60 pages long. Without a new release post or a listing in the download section (yeah, how about that?), no one is ever gonna stumble across my user link by browsing through 60 pages of mostly (for now) blank entries.

      3rd: This relates to my scan of Famitsu #1 which I haven't uploaded yet. I want some opinions first: The original mag sells for hundreds of dollars (or, like the last time I saw it, in a 1400 issue collection for $25,000 lol). So scanning the original is not gonna happen. I bought a reproduction of the first issue. It's identical except for a gray border on the pages where there are occasionally notes of interest about the contents of the page. The reprint is half the physical dimensions of the real mag, but when scanning at 600dpi, it isn't really that big of a problem (although the actual printing quality might be a bit hurt because of it.) At any rate, I figure it's the best we'll ever have of a historically important issue.

      Here's my problem/question: The cover of the reproduction is in bad shape. Not torn, but very faded and with some water damage. It was not the sort of thing fixable by mere clone stamping. For my own personal satisfaction, I created a nicer looking cover by repainting it (the cartoon graphics are very simple with no shading or gradients, so filling in solid colors works just fine). There's still some spaces around the Japanese text where the paint can't fix it, but overall it's far more pleasant to look at. Of course, it isn't an authentic representation of what was scanned (but then neither is using clone stamp or whatever to repair damage or blemishes.) For that reason, I also include the actual scanned cover as the page following the repainted cover.

      When I upload it, should I leave the nice cover out or keep them both? Opinions? Hopefully the scan of 158 I linked to above shows what my scans will look like from now on. Issue 1 suffers in qulity a bit due to issues out of my control, but I'd like it to be presented as best as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice!
    • By RetroDefense
      Hello all,
      My posts have seemed kind of nit-picky recently (missing magazines, missing scans, etc) so here's something a bit more positive.
      On deck to be preserved, Turbo Force #3 (January 1993):

      If all goes well I'll be scanning more saddle-stitched magazines in the coming months. Perhaps with a focus on Video Games & Computer Entertainment but I'll likely mix things up to keep things interesting. I'll have a better idea once I have an opportunity to dig into my collection.
    • By Sean697
      So I decided to help get our EGM collection complete, I acquired a lot of stuff and sent a lot to E-Day. But I am going to try and scan some of this stuff myself. And try my hand at editing. I purchased a Canon LiDE 220 scanner. It doesn't have a huge bed. But big enough for magazines.mbut it outputs excellent color and is fast. Uses LED lamp so no warmup times.
      My first issue I'm scanning is EGM 07 the Top Score issue with the codes. I've completed scanning. Now on to editing. I've messed around a it and found straightening and cropping to be pretty fast. And the clone stamp has been working well for fixing blemishes. The colors came out so good I'm not sure if I'll have to color correct much if at all. I'll probrably go through and crop and fix blemishes and straighten first. Then I'll post some images here to get some opinions on color correction options and contrast adjustments before app,using them. Any advice on Photoshop corrections would be appreciated ahead of time to get me started. Or just wait till I post some screenshots and give me some feed back.
      I'm scanning in 500 dpi because it's fairly quick with this scanner. When I'm done editing I plan to resize the images to 1600 pixels wide. Is this still a good standard to use. Should I do more or less. Files sizes maybe could get bigger with the times. But let me know what the site still reccomend and I'll go with that.
    • By amorri40
      I have listed these here in the hope that some kind soul has the time and patience to edit these (cropping etc) as I sadly don't have the time at the moment.
      Note that you will need to click the download pdf button as the quality is much higher in the pdf than the pages you can see on the site.
      Total Control 01
      The cover needs re-scanned as my scanner doesn't support the shiny silver: 
      PC Gamer (2002-Xmas) 117 (Future)
      PC Gamer (2003-02) 119 (Future)
      PC Gamer (2004-07) 137 (Future)
      I will update this as I scan more