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Crazy ass Cyber Cafe! Loaded with xbox 360s and hundreds of gaming rig's

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This will probably go bankrupt in 6 months. I love their setup, it looks real spiffy and 200-player ad-hoc lan parties are sexy, but it is almost certainly funded by sponsorships and sales. Cyber caf?s are costly affairs because you don't make much money per square foot, and the costs are high - gaming rigs are expensive, and must be upgraded fairly often to support the latest games. Just because you and your mates have been playing CS for 6 years doesn't mean the average joe won't play HL2 or Fear. Part of the appeal of a gaming caf? is having access to high-end rigs you couldn't afford yourself, or can't justify the expense (yet ;)).

I know, I tried running one years ago. It hurt my bank account REALLY BAD.

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