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Super Street Fighter IV on the 3DS!


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I'll tell ya, I enjoyed Alpha I and II and a bit of III. But Street Figher III was never my cup of tea so when IV came out I was not sure what to do. I'm glad I bought it (twice) now (soon to be third time).

Alpha III became my favorite until I laid eyes on IV. IV Super is the game that I've always wanted, it's just a great Street Fighter. Obviously Capcom has found their niche again as with SFII and they're running with it. :jester: This time I'm glad.

I never played much III but I have respect for it.. it can be a great game if you want to spend time with it.

IV 3DS has me kind of in a hard spot.. I'm expecting an Alpha III Advance type deal, mainly due to the button layout on the DS. A3 for GBA didn't have enough buttons for all the punches and kicks. The DS has the 4 buttons on front and two on top.. how will they do Ultras?

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