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EGM2/Expert Gamer '98 - '99 (24 issues)


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I was going around on eBay and found this lot, which contains all 24 issues of EGM2/Expert Gamer from January '98 to December '99. All for only $20 (if no other bids), free shipping.

I bring this up because I'm interested in buying the lot but won't have the money for another week. Even if I do end up buying it I'll end up just donating it all to RetroMags, which would make re-shipping a hassle and waste of money.

With this in mind I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in buying the lot now or waiting for me to grab it so that I can just have it shipped directly to the proper scanner. (If you buy it now it'd be with your own money but I'd split or reimburse the full cost once I can)

Any takers?

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The seller only ships to the US, so I don't think my bid would be accepted if I bid. It'd be nice to get those issues, but I don't have any extra money for magazines right now to do so, especially if our arrangement for those magazines we discussed is still on.

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I asked him about it and he seemed rather adamant about not doing international shipping. If they're still available when I have some cash I'll see about getting them but I don't believe I'll be forwarding them to any scanners immediately (though they will be on hold for scanners only).

Yeah, our arrangement is still on. I was just going through the magazines last night and setting aside the ones you requested and marking down what sort of damage they have. I'll be going to the post office in the next few days about those boxes.

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