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Are Official Playstation magazines worth anything?

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Hey all new to this website and have to sell off my old gaming mags (some were thrown out which sucked)

The ones I have are as:

Aug 2000 - Dec 2000 +June 2000

All of 2001

Feb, May - Sept + November 2002

Feb, Mar - June - Dec 2003

Jan - Sept 2004

June + Nov 2005

Feb + Mar, May - Sept 2009

I also have some NextGen mags (a couple from Lifecycle 2) and some EGMs (I can post all of these later)

just curious if these are worth anything or if its easier to just toss them out

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Anything dated 2000 or later can't be used here at the present time but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be retained for the day when we are allowed to make later submissions. EG, at some point we may be allowed to host 2001 content for example. I would hate to see any of those you listed being just dumped to be honest.

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