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New Star Wars Multiplayer Might Remind You Of Super Smash Bros. [Penny Arcade Expo 2010]


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Part of the reason is that it also looks based on that recent Clone Wars tv show.

BARF! Man that was horrid.

Do any of you remember the fighting game on the PlayStation that was all based on Star Wars. If your answer was no then you can see where this game is also going to go.

If you said yes then you probably want this game to go to the same place.

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Masters of "Teras Kasi." Like anyone knows what that is.

It was kinda weak. I played against a friend who had it in 2000. I liked it because I had to like it. It was the only game at the time that let you choose a variety of Star Wars characters. This was the same time the gang and I were playing Soul Calibur for cash on my Sega.

As for LucasArts new fighting game, I'm not surprised at all. They have always budgeted their time creating beautiful fluid graphics but at the expense of at least one other category. I never understood how Smash Brothers was so popular with the preteens and young adults. I don't like what Nintendo did with the fighting system. Jumping twice or three times in the air would only work in a Mario Brothers game if and only if you used a Game Shark but in Smash Brothers you have to learn to be cheap. Fighting games must be judged by Street Fighter and Soul Calibur :DC: .

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